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Which LED? Cree, Nichia, Philips and SCCP7?

High Performance LEDs.

CREE LED products

LED products are of impeccable quality and are highly affordable. They will be amongst the fast moving products of your business. There are many players in the LED industry, but the one that is on top of the list is CREE.

Cree Inc. is based in Durham, North Carolina. It is an American corporation that manufactures semiconductor materials and devices. Cree is leading in the LED lighting sector with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting products. It also offers semiconductor solutions for wireless & power applications.

Their products include:
– blue and green light emitting diodes (LEDs)
– packaged LEDs
– power switching devices
– radio frequency (RF) &
– microwave devices


Nichia is headquartered in Tokushima, Japan. As one of the leading companies with high-end technology, it is focused on chemical engineering and manufacturing. It has been making innovations in the LED market since the early 90s. It is involved in:
– manufacturing and distribution of phosphors
– light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
– battery materials
– calcium chloride

The Nichia LED products are manufactured using environmentally friendly materials. They provide the assurance of greater life span, reliability, visibility, and being energy efficient. Their design and compactness of LED products makes it a flexible accessory.


Philips is a global leader in providing solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets. Their key product areas in the light sector business include:

– Lamps
– Professional Luminaires & Systems
– Home Luminaires & Systems
– Lighting Electronics
– Automotive
– Solid State Modules
– Lumileds
– Special Lighting Applications

Philips provides new lighting applications for the consumer market equipped with energy-efficient solutions.


One of the latest entrants in the LED world is SSC P7 LED, which are actually 4 LEDs on a single package. It throws 900 lumens of brightness.  Their LEDs produce a powerful & brilliant light that is great for long-distance illumination. This makes them extremely popular in the consumer sector. There are many manufacturers for SSC P7 LED including MTE, TrustFire, CREE, Aurora, Ultrafire and more.

Which of these make the best products for consumers?

After reviewing all the top manufacturers, their products, reviews and testimonials, the one that can deliver the goods to the consumer with respect to quality and affordability is CREE.

Since technology is advancing and continuous innovations, ultimately it is from the customer’s standpoint of value for products.

The other manufacturers have been well established for quite sometime, but CREE is a relatively new entrant and is surging ahead in the competition for focusing only on one sector…..  The Lighting Sector.

After comparing products, reviews, prices across the board, CREE products have stood up to the customer expectations for their high and unyielding quality and cost- effectiveness.

Carbon Trust Loans Available To SME’s

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Carbon Trust Loan

0% Interest on Loan For All SME's

What Is The Carbon Trust Loan?

An interest free (0%) loan that most businesses (SME businesses) can apply for to reduce your carbon footprint and of course… reduce your bills.  The loan is to be used for funding the costs of replacing or installing energy efficient equipment.

Lighting Equipment, for example!! 🙂 When you consider that electricity bills are spiralling upwards and businesses are folding due to higher fuel costs and reduced turnover since the recession hit.  Imagine if you could reduce your bills by £4,800 per year like Hyne Town House did.  Part of Hyne Town House’s project included the replacement of light bulbs to low energy efficient equivalents.

The reduction in energy costs can be phenomenol.  Most small business premesis utilise approximately 30 bulbs (some less, but some businesses use many more).  Some retailers have over 100 50+w lamps scattered around the store.  If each of those bulbs are using 50w then that would burn a total of 5000watts.  Replace those bulbs with 3w led lamps and the total burn would decrease to just 150 watts.  A massive 97% reduction!!  Imagine Your bills!!

The loan has to be paid back of course, but your savings continue well after the loan is paid back… and you’ll be saving the environment.

Who Qualifies For The Carbon Trust Loan?

  • Any SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprise/business) in the private sector that has been trading for at least 12 months.
  • England, Scotland or Wales – based SME (larger businesses can also apply should they not qualify for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme)
  • Any Sized business based in Northern Ireland is eligible
  • Energy bills – your total bill needs to be greater than £50,000 per year. (This includes Heating, lighting, air conditioning – see table below)

EU Definition of an SME is:

  • Less than 250 full time employees
  • Annual turnover less than €50m and/or assetts less than €43m
  • A larger business (a non-SME) has no more than 25% share of the business.

What Can I Use It For?

Building Technologies Industrial Process Technologies
Air conditioning Compressed air fittings
Boilers and heating controls Motors
Boiler and hot water tank information Materials handling equipment
Building insulation Power factor correction
Heat recovery Process heating
Lighting Process controls
Pipe insulation Refrigeration
Solar thermal systems Variable speed drives

Each project will be assessed on its potential to deliver real energy savings. The Carbon Trust will also need to carry out a credit check. Technical support is available for more complex projects.

If you don’t have a specific upgrade in mind, the Carbon Surveys can help you to identify potential energy saving projects.

Carbon Trust Interest Free Loans For lighting and heating

Reduction in Bills Pays For Itself

How Much Can I Get?

From between £3,000 to £100,000.  The actual figure is determined largely by the carbon saving which the Carbon Trust will asses


  • Businesses in Northern Ireland can apply for grants of upto £500,000
  • Farmers in England can apply for loans between £3,000 and £20,000

When Can I Get It?

You can complete an online application today on the Carbon Trust Website and you may even receive a decision by the end of the day!! ..but be prepared to answer some questions for which you might need to be prepared, such as:

  • Annual energy consumption of the equipment being replaced
  • Annual energy consumption of the equipment being installed
  • Information about the projected annual energy savings for the project
  • Your registered company name
  • Your supplier’s registered number
  • Your supplier’s VAT number
  • A quotation reference number
  • Details of the equipment to be supplied

Remember Regulux GB Ltd For Your Lighting Needs!

Regulux GB will provide you with a quote for your LED (3w or 9w or strip) and CFL lamp requirements 🙂  You can contact the Carbon Trust Survey Line for assistance and request an eligibility check and Carbon Survey.